Breathe Insulation

Breathe™ insulation is a healthy and sustainable insulation product made from premium grade hemp and flax fibres. Breathe™ insulation is very easy-to-use in roofs (between joists and rafters), within the walls of timber frame houses, and internally in walls and floors. The tough and resilient hemp and flax fibres ensure that Breathe™ insulation is extremely durable and will perform effectively for the life of the building.

Why Use Breathe™ Insulation?

Breathe is Efficient

Hemp and flax fibres creates a naturally efficient thermal and acoustic insulation product for walls, floors and roofs. Breathe™insulation is an energy saving product that helps to keep your house cosy and warm in winter and cool in summer. Breathe™insulation resists settlement over time and maintains its shape and thermal properties over a longer period of time than other competing products. Recent work also shows that natural fibre insulations maintain their low thermal conductivity even at higher moisture contents encountered in building systems.

Breathe Insulation

Breathe is “Breathable”

Importantly, Breathe™ insulation is able to absorb and release moisture helping to regulate internal moisture levels to enhance human comfort and reduces the risk of condensation. This ‘breathability’ is increasingly recognised by construction professionals as being an extremely useful function for maintaining a healthy and durable building.

Breathe is Healthy & Sustainable

Breathe™ insulation is an environmentally sustainable and responsible alternative to conventional insulation, offering comparable or better thermal and acoustic performance with all the environmental benefits of a natural product. Breathe™insulation locks-up carbon and can be disposed off easily at the end of its life. It is also non-toxic, non-irritant and healthy for you and your home.

Breathe Insulation

Breathe offers outstanding Thermal Performance

Breathe™ insulation has a thermal conductivity of 0.039 W/mºK. This performance is similar to or better than other fibre based insulation products. In addition, the heat capacity of Breathe™insulation is more than double that of equivalent mineral fibre products – helping to enhance thermal comfort by reducing overheating in summer and by damping internal temperature fluctuations. The ability of Breathe™ insulation to resist settlement, means that the installed thickness, and consequently thermal performance is maintained.

Breathe is Fire Resistant

The fibres used for the production of Breathe™ insulation are treated with a simple non-reacting compound to achieve at least a Euroclass E fire performance rating. This means that Breathe™ insulation complies with the fire performance requirements of the Building Regulations and is ‘fire safe’.


Hemp and flax are naturally durable cellulose fibres. As a result, Breathe™ insulation does not attract rodents and nor does it provide a food source for moths or other insects.

How and Where to use Breathe™

Where to use Breathe™ Insulation

Breathe™ insulation is ideal for use as thermal insulation for new build as well as for renovation and for topping up the loft. It should be used in roofs, floors and walls. The semi-rigid characteristic of Breathe™ insulation makes it particularly quick and easy to install within walls of timber frame constructions.

Breathe Insulation

How to use Breathe™ Insulation

Breathe™ insulation is easy to work with. Simply cut with a sharp work knife or bread knife on a flat surface and use a straight edge as a guide. Breathe™ insulation cuts easiest when compressed. Ensure that your insulation is firmly fitted between the joists or rafters with no gaps. Additional layers of insulation can be placed over the joists.

Health and Safety

The natural hemp and flax fibres are completely harmless, so Breathe™ insulation is not irritating to the skin eyes or respiratory system. Hemp insulation is totally safe and healthy to install in your home and so no PPE is required to install this insualtion. A safety data sheet is available on request.


How to buy Breathe™ Insulation

For the latest information on where to buy Breathe™ insulation, please contact us.


Breathe Datasheet