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American Lime Technology’s Mario Machnicki to Build and Speak at Chicago Green Festival

CHICAGO, Illinois, May 9, 2011 – American Lime Technology will exhibit their innovative, sustainable, construction materials at Chicago Green Festival held at McCormick place on May 14-15.

President Mario Machnicki will be speaking at this event, where environmentally conscious consumers will be able to learn about the history, development, and benefits of sustainable healthy building materials. The material highlighted will be Tradical®Hemcrete® – an innovative bio-composite insulation material made from industrial hemp and lime based binder.

Guests of the Green Festival will also be able to see the building of a Tradical® Hemcrete® wall to better understand the qualities that make Tradical® Hemcrete® an extraordinary and sustainable insulation material.

Products presented by American Lime Technology include:

Tradical® Hemcrete® – a blend of a lime based binder and the woody core of the hemp plant (shiv), it is a carbon negative, high efficiency, bio-composite material that creates highly thermally efficient walls.

Breathe® Insulation – a healthy and sustainable bio-composite insulation product made from premium grade hemp and flax fibers, its lightweight nature makes it great for retrofitting and roof insulation.

Hydraulic lime mortar – a traditional building material that was widely used prior to the development of portland cement. Hydraulic lime mortars have greater flexibility, breathability and lower embodied energy than typical portland cement based mortars.

Limewash – a traditional breathable material that is suitable as a finish for historic brick, stone, plaster, and stucco, and it protects fragile or damaged masonry from weathering further. Limewash performs like a stain by penetrating deep into the pores of the underlying material creating a peel-free, breathable surface.

At a time where the words “bio”, “green” and “sustainable” are and tacked onto products ubiquitously, American Lime Technology is a source of genuinely sustainable building products. American Lime Technology products are made from materials including hemp-shiv and lime, making them breathable and highly insulative building envelope solutions that support a healthy living environment.

American Lime Technology is supporting not just sustainable building envelope solutions, but a sustainable lifestyle. Innovative products from American Lime Technology provide techniques for sustainable building to help solve energy problems, both present and future.

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