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Baumit Lime Stucco & Plasters

The Baumit range of lime renders are high quality products which have been tried and tested for many years to the highest standards. They are ISO 9001 certified. Baumit are the European leaders in lime based breathable renders.

American Lime Technology specifies Baumit renders in our walling systems because of the sustainable benefits of a breathable and flexible lime based solution and their compatibility with natural materials.

Baumit renders are designed for spray or hand application as a two coat system. Suitable substrates include brickwork, blockwork or concrete. Standard specifications are detailed below.

Baumit lime based systems offer the following topcoats in a wide variety of colours and aggregates. More details are available on request.

How to buy Baumit Lime Stucco & Plasters

For the latest information on where to buy Baumit Lime Stucco & Plasters, please contact us.


Lime Stucco Downloads
Baumit Renders and External Finishes Application Sheet (156k)
Baumit Coloured Render Finish Colors (129k)
Baumit FL68 Fibrous Lightweight Render Product Datasheet (149k)
Baumit SEP Decorative Textured Topcoat Product Datasheet (149k)
Baumit MC55W Bonding Adhesive Product Datasheet (148k)

Lime Plaster Downloads
Baumit Plasters and Internal Finishes Application Sheet (151k)
Baumit KG30 Internal Plaster Finish Product Datasheet (140k)
Baumit KG30 Internal Plaster Finish MSDS (146k)
Baumit RK 38 Lime Plaster Product Datasheet (171k)
Baumit RK38 Lime Plaster Safety MSDS (146k)