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The Nauhaus | Asheville, NC

Client: Prototype
Principal: The Nauhaus Institute
Location: Asheville, NC
Completion Date: 2011

The Nauhaus is a high performance natural building system that combines the best of cutting edge modern building science with the advantages of traditional building techniques and lifestyles. The Nauhaus system is designed to achieve:

  1. A dramatic increase in comfort, long-term affordability, and sensory enjoyment while fostering a healthier lifestyle through an increased connection to nature.
  2. Fulfillment of scientifically established benchmarks for residential construction defining a drastic reduction in emissions that contribute to our present global climate change crisis.
  3. A solid contribution to a sustainable solution for our present economic crisis by focusing on local materials and workers while creating opportunities for the creation of a variety of local green construction businesses.

The simplicity of the product mixing and placement process allowed the client, friends and colleagues to experience being part of the build team to construct the walls.

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