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Homeowners are increasingly sensitive and responsive to innovative building materials. The reasons are many but sustainability and healthy, green alternatives top the list.

We offer valuable information for homeowners and designers unfamiliar with our healthy, renewable building materials. A little education goes a long way in understanding the outstanding benefits of these innovative materials and building systems.


Architects are always eager to work with new approaches to construction and innovative building materials. They are also  sensitive to evolving standards for environmentally sustainable design.

We present architects and designers with a solid understanding on renewable building materials. Our gallery of projects shows just a few of the many applications of our line of hemp and lime based products.


Developers necessarily take the long view, carefully weighing the financial options. They must be sensitive to regional opportunities for green tax and development credits.  Adoption of new material solutions are always a risk: developers must maintain a fine balance between between suitability, profitability, and attractiveness. We offer educational and training opportunities to interested developers. See the green benefits of our product line and you’ll be including our hemp solutions in your next project.


Contractors are aware that the adoption of new material solutions are a balancing act between suitability, affordability and ease of use.

We offer educational and training opportunities to interested contractors. Once they work with our product line and see its unique, energy efficient properties as well as how easily it fits into their building program, they’re convinced!