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Hembuild Pre-cast Wall Systems

Hembuild®, the factory produced, off-site system incorporating the structural frame into the timber cassette, creating a building envelope solution for Low-rise buildings.

American Lime Technology can design, manufacture, supply and install factory made (pre-dried) Hembuild® panels to site to offer a whole envelope solution that includes the render, doors and windows to leave a fully tested airtight shell, ready for services and second fix.

By using Hembuild® customers get a quick build and a predictable program at all times of the year giving the thermal advantages of Tradical® Hemcrete® construction in a build time of lightweight timber frame.

Tradical® Hemcrete® helps to reduce the atmospheric concentration of CO2 by locking up harmful CO2 emissions within the material and in turn the wall construction.  Hemp captures carbon dioxide during its rapid growth and releases oxygen back out to the atmosphere for superior environmental performance. By incorporating Tradical® Hemcrete®, the Hemclad® system also delivers a more stable and comfortable internal environment.

Hembuild® provides a thermally efficient building envelope. Its unique combination of thermal inertia and insulation buffers changes in temperature to create a stable environment and greatly reduce energy usage.

Hembuild and Hemclad Precast Wall Systems

How to buy Hembuild Precast Wall Systems

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Hembuild/Hemclad Brochure