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American Lime Technology Products

American Lime Technologies offer a wide range of sustainable low carbon building systems for mainstream construction including US Heritage Group lime mortars, Baumit lime stucco, Tradical® Hemcrete®, and Breathe™ hemp insulation.

Tradical® Hemcrete® is a unique, highly sustainable construction product used to create insulating walls as well as insulation layers for floors and roofs. These products comprise a bio-composite building material perfect for creating buildings that have excellent thermal / acoustic properties as well as fostering a healthy living and working environment.

Tradical® Hemcrete®

Tradical® Hemcrete® is a bio-composite building material made from hemp shiv (the woody core of industrial hemp) and a lime based binder called Tradical® HB. Tradical® Hemcrete® is sold in the US by American Lime Technology. DETAILS

Hemclad® Pre-cast Wall Systems

Combining Tradical® Hemcrete® and a timber cassette, Hemclad® provides a sustainable off-site produced thermal cladding system for commercial and industrial buildings. DETAILS

Hembuild® Pre-cast Wall Systems

Hembuild®, the factory produced, off-site system incorporating the structural frame into the timber cassette, creating a building envelope solution for low-rise buildings. DETAILS

U.S. Heritage Group, Inc., brings heritage masonry materials, tools, and techniques to the modern jobsite. We blend our traditional, all-natural mortars, limewash, and plastering products using the time-honored techniques employed by generations of craftspeople, and we offer hard-to-find masonry specialty tools and accessories. We also provide consulting services to specifiers and installers who are using traditional masonry materials in preservation projects or sustainable new design.

USHG Lime Mortars

Natural Hydraulic Lime Mortar is a healthy, breathable masonry mortar ideal for new construction. While it’s typically used for historic building envelopes, which must tolerate extreme weather and/or persistently damp conditions, it’s also recommended for sustainable new construction, including strawbale design. DETAILS

USHG Old-World European Limewash

Limewash is a traditional material that has been used for thousands of years. Unlike modern paints, which lay on the surface of the substrate, limewash instead acts like a stain by penetrating deep into the pores of the underlying material. This process creates a peel-free, breathable surface. DETAILS

Baumit offers an extensive and innovative product range, all optimally coordinated and thoroughly tested. Baumit – established in 1988 – is an international brand of building materials. It has become one of the leading brands in Europe and is now available worldwide in more than 20 countries.

Baumit Lime Plaster

The Baumit range of lime plaster provide a breathable lime based mineral plaster for internal use in our walling systems and on a range of building substrates for both new build and refurbishment work. DETAILS