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USHG Lime Mortars

Natural Hydraulic Lime Mortar is a healthy, breathable masonry mortar ideal for new construction. While it is typically used for historic building envelopes, which must tolerate extreme weather and/or persistently damp conditions, its also recommended for sustainable new construction, including strawbale design.

Lime-based mortar requires less energy than cement to produce, and during the mortar’s curing cycle it reabsorbs a portion of the carbon dioxide that was emitted during the production process. Unlike portland cement-based mortars, which can be extremely rigid and strong, lime also allows masonry units to be recycled at the end of a building’s life.┬áSuitable for historic structures that are exposed to extreme weather and persistent moisture, and it is also an excellent choice for sustainable new design. It is weather-resistant but it offers breathability and more flexibility that cement-based mortars. Preblended with aggregate-just add water to mix and use.

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