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Tradical Hemcrete Benefits

Environmental Benefits:

Tradical® Hemcrete® is a cost effective, mainstream green building product that can actually help to combat climate change. It does this in two ways:

  1. The exceptional thermal performance and airtightness of walls constructed using Tradical Hemcrete mean that buildings do not require additional insulating layers. This means buildings can run with minimal heating and avoid the need for air conditioning. Tradical Hemcrete has a high thermal inertia, so buildings constructed using Hemcrete use less energy and are more comfortable than those built to the same U Value in lightweight building materials.

  3. Since the primary component of Tradical Hemcrete is hemp – a renewable industrial crop that is grown and harvested in the UK – it captures and locks away CO2 within the fabric of the building. This means that while a typical brick house can be responsible for around 50 tonnes of CO2 emmissions in its construction, the same houe built using Tradical Hemcrete can be built for 30-40% less CO2 emissions.

Using Tradical Hemcrete, architects and developers can confidently create sustainable buildings. Additional environmental benefits include:

Using Tradical Hemcrete, architects and developers can confidently create sustainable buildings. Additional environmental benefits include: 

• Bio-based

• Biodegradable

• Recyclable

• Carbon sequestering

• Negative carbon footprint

• Low embodied energy

• Cradle to cradle product lifecycle

Health Benefits Include: 

• VOC free

• Pesticide free

• Mold resistant

• Pest resistant

• Fire resistant

• Low air infiltration

• Vapor permeable

• Sound absorbent

• Supports alkaline environment

Cost Benefits Include: 

• Competes w/conventional construction material cost

• Requires less skilled installation labor

• Wastes little material

• Reduces energy consumption

• Rapid installation rate

• Fewer trades on site vs. conventional construction

• Lowers building maintenance cost

• Material quantity & estimation services provided in-house

• Lengthens building life expectancy

• Reduce number of building materials on site

• Eliminates separate wall insulation

• Minimizes HVAC equipment costs

• Drastically reduces heating and cooling costs

• Improves building occupants health

Performance Benefits:

• Erect in cold and wet weather

• Install Tradical® Hemcrete® with owners or community participation

• Review and adjustment plans with our support provided at no additional charge

• Train Tradical® Hemcrete® installers on-site at no charge

• Supports various structural systems

• Utilize shuttering provided by ALT for on-site casting at no additional charge

• Design flexibility permits various shapes and forms

• Allows variable material thickness

• Compatible with traditional or innovative cladding/finishes

• Apply plasters directly to substrate

• High thermal mass stores heat energy

• Superior thermal inertia stabilizes building temperature

• Air-tightness improves real world R-Value

• Limited thermal bridging reduces environmental heat loss/gain