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Trelowen House

Client: Martin Edwards
Principal: AD Cruze
Location: Trelowen, Cornwall, England
Completion Date: 2008

The cliff top location of this stone faced private house on the Cornish coast provides amazing views across the sea. The client together with Principal Contractor A D Cruize chose to use Tradical® Hemcrete® as the thermal walling material to be used in the 6,000 square feet bespoke eco-build.

Most of the solid wall construction was achieved in conjunction with the traditional post and beam timber frame made from local larch wood by building up the external stonework using lime mortar and then casting the Tradical® Hemcrete® between it and temporary internal lightweight shuttering. Other sections of the house have a mixture of timber cladding and lime render external finishes.

The simplicity of the product mixing and placement process allowed the client, friends and colleagues to experience being part of the build team to construct the walls.

Once the building envelope was sealed and in a suitable state for occupation the client chose to move in during autumn, even before the heating system had been commissioned. The performance of the building is such that even with sub-zero temperatures during the winter, the client has found the building to be at a comfortable enough temperature with a minimum of temporary heating input to remain in occupation throughout.

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